Law Enforcement

Goodenow Associates Investigations LLC offers unmatched assistance to law enforcement agencies.

Agencies around the world are scrambling to train their agents to properly engage in computer forensics and network intrusion cases. Goodenow assists Law Enforcement Agencies around the world in these areas.

A vast range of cases, including runaways, homicides, child pornography, and financial fraud all have a computer in there midst. In all of these cases, as well as endless others, a computer is involved somewhere. You can rest assured that valuable evidence resides on those systems.

Unfortunately the Law Enforcement Community has been behind in the technical arena. Police Officers Standardized Training or (POST) does not train officers in this field. They are often under equipped to negotiate high tech crimes. The ever-changing reality is that the majority of criminals today use computers instead of guns. Many smaller law enforcement agencies do not have the budget to provide proper training to their officers.

Goodenow Associates investigators are available for law enforcement agents or legal council for government agencies. Our offices can be reached 24/7 toll free for free consultation.